until 23 June 2019

Thursday – Saturday, 2 – 6 pm


rosalux presents track 16


Didn’t you know what you were carrying on your back?

curated by Sean Meredith

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Goya’s drawing called “Didn’t you know what you were carrying on your back?” which pictures a rotund Dominican friar pleasantly sitting on the back of a peasant working in a field. Each of the artists included is driven to make works that explore the personal and collective baggage that weighs on human existence. The weight of experiences and histories adds depth and meaning to our lives, but – like a fat friar – too much baggage becomes oppression. It is the obsession of these artists to make meaning of this oppression, to express the inexpressible, and to encode what can’t be spoken.


Artists: Debra Broz, John Collins, Marsian De Lellis, Georganne Deen, Adrienne DeVine, Simone Gad, Samantha Harrison, Kathleen Henderson, Mondongo, Elyse Pignolet, Laurie Steelink, Camilla Taylor, Noa Yekutieli, and Liz Young