Project Space Festival 2018, 1 – 31 August

The KitKat Project: Episode 6

Performance by Ghita Skali

August 20 2018
19h30 – 22h00



Ghita Skali recounts the history of a Cairo district by presenting historical figures, fictional characters and the district’s inhabitants, figuring out how this place and its multiple identities have evolved over time. A dancer, Kitty Foustaty, and her cabaret Kitty Kat, a book by Ibrahim Aslan, a chocolate brand, Bonaparte… all of these threads are followed to evoke the Kit Kat district. Between archive and fiction, Orientalism and Occidentalism, research and free association, the artist weaves a narrative rhizome about this district.

Ghita Skali was born in Casablanca (Morocco). Her projects stem from meticulous investigations into forgotten or obliterated media stories revealing power relations based on mythologies that express systems of belief and authority.