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JULY 08 – 22 2017


PRESS PLAY AND RECORD brings together a body of work created by EC Davies over the last three years, including live events, video, animation, sound works and textiles. The works develop aspects of her collaborations with choirs in Berlin and North East England. Davies exchanged individual lines of song lyrics for gifts to then produce further events and actions. Lyrics and exchanges with collaborators, including spoken word recordings have been woven into live events and new work to be exhibited in the UK and Berlin in 2017.

EC Davies is a British video installation artist, working with sound, animation, print, textiles and performance. Davies cuts up words, lyrics, music, movement and objects, reassembling them to reveal different types of emotional resonance. With fortune cookie messages appearing on textiles and single words transformed into music, what once was familiar is reframed embracing the fluidity of process and interpretation.
Davies has collaborated with musicians, architects, nano-technologists, arts educational establishments on a wide variety of projects, touching on architecture, urbanism and art as an experience for all. She is represented by Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne.

PRESS PLAY AND RECORD has been generously supported by Arts Council England.