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The exhibition series „four sundays“ builds a bridge from the old year 2017 into the new year 2018. A quartet of solo exhibitions follows the meeting of music and painting in the group exhibition „something else“ in December. The visual artists Heike König, Marcus Becker, Leopold Landrichter and Uta Päffgen grant a deeper insight into their artistic work. ROSALUX opens its doors for four hours on all four Sundays in January. For the first time individual presentations are deliberately connected to a group exhibition. The public is invited to get to know a way of dealing with group exhibitions which the Berlin art scene often misses: namely, to allow an direct immersion beneath the surface of a group exhibition in the very same space where it took place.

07.1.2018 = Sunday#1: Uta Päffgen „ALLONS-Y!“

14.1.2018 = Sunday#2: Heike König „ANISLAND“

21.1.2018 = Sunday#3: Leopold Landrichter „#3“

28.1.2018 = Sunday#4: Marcus Becker „THREAT STRIPPING“