March 29 – April 12 2014

We are a sewing agent + Kuiperdomingos Projects
Lisa Simpson, Hans Kuiper, Tiny Domingos

Opening with Performance by Lisa Simpson & Co
and Neoschlager by Hans Kuiper on March 28 at 8 pm
Closing event: Saturday, April 12 at 4 pm with musical sewing performance

we turn your wardrobe upside down and inside out
and right side up again
we turn your skirt into a dress and your dress into a skirt
we make new clothes from old clothes
we tailor any garment to your body type
we get you the clothes you’ve always wanted but never imagined
we make it all up on the spot!

Come along just to have a look, or join in the transformation! It’s easy:
1. Go through your wardrobe and pick out the garments that have been sitting there for a long time.
2. Bring them in and explain what it is that stops you from wearing them.
3. Watch as your garment is reconstructed and adapted to your desires!

Lisa Simpson will inhabit rosalux between March 28th and april 12th in a durational performance based installation, repurposing vintage and second hand garments. The audience is encouraged to participate during the exhibition with their own clothes to upcycle, interacting with the artist and bringing new life to old garments. This interaction is based on the personal needs of each participant, who may also bring along music as the score for the alterations.

On opening night a musical sewing performance is staged, the sewing machine is turned into a percussion instrument and clothes are altered in a musical and textile composition, in collaboration with Guido Henneböhl, Hopek Quirin and Kris Limbach. The audience is also encouraged to participate by putting on the garments that will be altered. The performance is a celebration of improvised music and improvisational clothing, emphasizing the process of transformation.


“ (…). It reminded me of my view of aesthetics – aesthetics not being a sociology of art but as being a form of experience. That is, an experience of disconnection. This has been conceptionalized by Kant and Schiller in terms of disconnection: there is something that escapes the normal conditions of sensory experience. That is what was at stake in emancipation: getting out of the ordinary ways of sensory experience. This thought has been important for my idea of politics, not being about the relations of power but being about the framing of the sensory world itself.“
(Jacques Rancière, Interview by Sudeep Dasgupta in „Art is going elsewhere. And politics has to catch it. An interview with Jacques Rancière“ in KRISIS, the Journal for contemporary philosophy (2008), pp. 71-76)