30 09 – 17 10 2018


Julien Boily / Cindy Dumais / Amélie Laurence Fortin / Charlie Lescault / Mathieu Valade (Canada) + Martin Loehr (Berlin)


BLIND SPOT presents recent works of five Canadian artists. Offscreen, the impossiblilty to facing each other, the exploration of spaces between things, the evocation of lack and absence or the use of blur, are many ways to bring the idea of BLIND SPOT.

BLIND SPOT is the result of an exchange project between AMV (Chicoutimi, CANADA) and ROSALUX (Berlin, GERMANY).

AMV: ART / MOBILITY / VISIBILITY is an organization based in Chicoutimi (QC, Canada) dedicated to the mobility and visibility of member artists. AMV works for the autonomy of artists to help them to create and show their works and adapted to the needs of artists based in periphery of big citys. AMV works to promote the artwork of its members, by establishing exchanges and partnerships with organizations based in other countries or elsewhere in Canada.