MARCH 7 – 28 2015

Tiny Domingos | Marilou Winograd | Karla Woisnitza

The exhibition X LINHAS CRUZADAS / CROSSING LINES RIO X BERLIN – BERLIM X RIO was developed to create a dialog between these two culturally brisk centers by the works of Tiny Domingos, Marilou Winograd and Karla Woisnitza. The artists are active protagonists in this context and present their works for the first time together.
This selection is the result of their individual artistic productions presented in dialog to emphasize thoughts on aesthetics and key elements of their works: transparency, overlaps, gaps, volume intersections. These items are explored in photographs, drawings, objects and installations. They were created and exist as autonomous works, but from the unique grouping in this exhibit emerges an unusual dialog between both the works and the artists who live and produce in different contexts. Here is the mystery of production in contemporary art with simultaneous existence independent of their geographic origin.

Tiny Domingos explores everyday objects and spaces for unexpected installations, which are captured by his camera. His gaze leads him to places full of existing perspectives that are rebuilt by the artist, due to the inclusion of daily objects, which he introduces in this context. The spontaneity and precision of the new compositions praises a single panorama. The lines of the photographic compositions often transform into a dense tangle like drawing – a technique frequently used by the artist.

Marilou Winograd in turn creates a collection of images from her archive single works due to the combination of the material. Landscape pictures, details of her previous works are recombined through several layers and emphasize the intensity, transparency, lightness of areas and volumes – the new work itself turns into being a photographic installation. The light is a recurring element, acting as a central part of the composition.

Karla Woisnitza’s work contains precise elements as a result of a tireless drawing realized by the gesture of repetition. On the other hand, she explores also the lightness in objects and installations created with everyday items in informal spaces influenced by the local conditions. For her, the simplicity of the element, the material and the gesture are enough as means of expression and dissemination of her infinite research and accuracy.