FACEANDBOOKME / BEYONCÉ 4,95 – Kerstin Weichsel

August 31 – September 21 2013

Video premiere, photo exhibition & info lounge

also as well although nonetheless still tomorrow today not again always farther higher just next door the most beautiful and bang do it once more hey presto up up and away (FACEANDBOOKME)

Kerstin Weichsel’s current exhibition, BEYONCÉ 4,95, shows a selection of photos which are part of her art campaign FACEANDBOOKME. What she presents are images of overwhelming marketing campaigns. Buy me, take me, for the pleasure of the fiercely contested customer, here and now, at this very moment. Resistance is futile, isn’t it?

‘You know, what they are dumping on the market here is nothing but pieces of cloth. Let’s face it! I am simply taking apart the high-gloss messages into their constituents, every centimeter of them is worth its length in gold—quite innocent—click—let’s see what’s up—click—let’s see what’s up two hundred more times. The big pleasure is a small one, it hurts the click—so what?’ (Kerstin Weichsel)

In 2001 Kerstin Weichsel was the artistic director for the multimedia exhibition ‘HOMO@HABITAT – The Evolution of British Lifestyle Design’, where she developed ten installations central to the theme featuring fashion, interior design, product design and new media. Homo@Habitat has appeared at the Hadrian’s Temple, Rome 2001, and at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Prague 2002. The exhibition displayed a man-made world that goes far beyond man’s needs and that he or she is completely unable to cope with. Kerstin Weichsel lives and works in Berlin.