April 25 – May 22 2015

Since the first solo show in 1993, On(e) Painting, held at Quadrum gallery, a venue run by artists under Dulce D’Agro leadership and one of the most relevant art venues during the 70’s and 80’s in Lisboa, Joao Felino has been presenting an extensive group of projects in an ongoing research driven by diverse media. Works on paper, drawing, collage, painting, photography, sculpture, found objects based works, video and multimedia, performance, installation, with a strong emphasis on text based works.
A body of work strongly rooted on an historical and conceptual framework that takes art also as a problematic category from its creation and presentation to its reception.

The work shown in the most recent solo exhibition „Flags of the World“, held at MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda Lisbon in 2014 will be presented at rosalux in a new, Berlin specific setting.

The work of Joao Felino inscribes itself in a hybrid area, in a contaminated zone inhabited by different demands. The raw material, the support, the process and its results differ in each investigation and reveal the disquietude of the search. Along this path’s stopping points we find different „products“: common-object, photography-object, sculpture-object, painting-object, installation-object, object-installation, indifferent to the sterile problematic of their classification.
Sofia Pinto Basto

(Complete text for the ‚Flags of the World‘ installation, Sala Pereira Coutinho Room, MUDE – Design and Fashion Museum, 24 Augusta St, Lisbon, May 22 – Aug 31, 2014 — PDF)