May 20 – 25 2017

rosalux proudly presents: JuJe Collective (CA)
From Sea to Sea to Sea; Terrestrial Nautica is a found object amalgamative sculpture, created for the purpose of performance. Terrestrial Nautica is based in ideologies of climate change survival and independent spirited resourcefulness by Julie René de Cotret and Jefferson Campbell-Cooper.
This sculpture is created from a snowmobile and a boat, joined together in such a way to traverse land or water, no matter the weather conditions. Terrestrial Nautica critically examines the contradictions of life and identity in Canada. As settler artists, they investigate the country’s appetite for resource extraction to the detriment of the environment and life, on a national and global scale.
rosalux and JuJe Collective are honored to host the artwork of Sam Cotter for this exhibition.

Over the years, Platforms Project continues to be a conducive meeting point for project spaces and artistic initiatives at an international level. Posterity and resistance is not limited to this event alone. As the world continues to be witness to the ongoing Greek financial crisis, Platforms Project Athens raises questions on issues of global relevance and possible outcomes that should concern everyone.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS 2 is a cooperation between the following art initiatives: