NOWADAYS – Tiago Batista

July 20 – August 30 2014

Nowadays, technology occupies a central place in our culture, particularly present in the way we communicate with each other, reaching thus new dimensions of relationship and life, autonomous of the sphere of tangible. Many try to fit in and identify with these new dimensions, penchant is essentially communicative content, either through the use of pseudo-personalized social networks or electronic gadgets, celebrating, or simply accepting the new representations of life in society through electronic means.
The works that comprise this exhibition serve as testimony to this new reality, and with opposite sign, in the sense that confront the viewer by virtue of its tangibility, and have their starting point in an individual way of looking at these matters, contrary thus, the behavior of the new standard recurring preformatted communication dimensions. (T.B.)

Tiago Batista (Lisbon 1967).
Attended the Lisbon College of Arts where he finished the course in Plastic Arts/Painting. 2011, Master’s Degree at the Department of Visual Arts of the University of Lisbon.
Founded the group Authors in Movement with Peter Cabral-Santo, Paul Carmona and José Quaresma, which produced and curated several exhibitions in the nineties, among those: “Jetlag”, University of Lisbon, “Greenhouse Display”, Greenhouse Lisbon, “X-rated”, Gallery Zé dos Bois, Lisbon.
Several collective exhibitions since the nineties. 2004, individual exhibition “One Week Show”, Sala do Veado, National Museum of Natural History and Science Lisbon. 2007, intervention “War/Work” in the context of Art Building.
Teaches Visual Art at the University of the Algarve.