January 31 – February 28 2015

The group exhibition „scatter“ at rosalux shows paintings on canvas and site specific painting by the Berlin based artists Ronald de Bloeme, Anja Gerecke and Tim Stapel. Geometric patterns, forms and fragments of everyday life are transfered in the paintings as well as the spatial concerns of the exhibition space: light, the viewers paths and proportions.

Ronald de Bloemes paintings can be summarized with: „composition is the will to communicate“. It is his desire to reflect upon the nature of everyday visual communication systems, such as Cigarette packaging, Metro plans or printed patterns. Tim Stapel creates a wall work by applying a geometric pattern on the exhibition wall. „The beginning of my structures is always unique in their smallest unit. Also they derived in particular from these boundaries.“ Anja Gerecke uses the available architecture as her material to construct and create new spaces from these typical objects. She creates a temporary installation out of lightweight construction materials and color field painting. Using minimalistic interventions, she creates a painting that interacts with the respective environment.