November 30 2014 – January 11 2015

Minor Alexander, Alexandra Baumgartner, Arno Bojak, Sascha Boldt, Saskia Buwert, Frank Diersch, Tiny Domingos, Thomas Draschan, Galya Feierman, Isa Genzken, Reinhold Gottwald, Agnes Grambow, Marc Groeszer, Roey Heifetz, Alexander Iskin, Franzi Klotz, Ludwig Kreutzer, Viktor Kudryashov, William Minke, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Oliver O. Rednitz, Lea Pagenkemper, Otto Piene, Manfred Peckl, Eva Raeder, Maike Sander, Moritz Schleime, Ann Schomburg, Pola Sieverding, Alexander Skorobogatov, Jonny Star, Kata Unger, Sador Weinsclucker, Claudio Wichert, Hansa Wißkirchen, Marcus Wittmers, Micha Wutz

SALON HANSA has been a fixed institution in Germany for the past 20 years. It began in Dusseldorf in 1993 and continued on to Berlin via Cologne. It has since been invited to exhibit in Dresden and Leipzig. Next stop is fam.montez in Frankfurt next year.

Unique locations and variable interiors are crucial for the presentation of art; that’s why SALON HANSA is never seen at the same location twice. This is an integral part of the salon – but more importantly: it is the juxtaposition between no_name artists and stars from the art scene that turns up the suspense factor. A musical program, DJ, or a band is also an absolute must!!!

I provide the salon with it’s political factor, to which some artists create a direct response. A further characteristic is the capacity to connect people and spark inspiration through SALON HANSA.
Curator Hansa Wisskirchen