November 25 – December 16 2017

painting / music / performance

painting:   Marcus Becker,  Heike König,  Leopold Landrichter,  Uta Päffgen
opening performance: Miho

Improvisation day:

– Klaus Janek – bass/electronics
– Milena Kipfmüller – samples, radio, field recording, electronics
– Katja Pudor – drawing/ performance
– Richard Scott – modular synthesizer
– Sabine Vogel – flutes


Painting transforms the timeline into a surface, music into a sequence. In this exhibition, visual and acoustic perception patterns are brought together. The project starts with a dialogue between four different painting positions which will be opened towards music and performance. Musicians and performers will develop their „pieces“ on location in free improvisation. The process of musical interaction is the musical work itself, which remains open and unpredictable until the end. There is a similarity to the painterly process of the artists exhibiting here. However, painting is a clearly silent testimony of a supposedly completed process in the studio.