TABULA RASA – Kuiperdomingos Projects

October 27 – November 17 2017

In times of info-obesity and image overkill, the new proposal of Kuiperdomingos Projects goes through a radical reorganization of artistic and disciplinary conventions in order to allow a much needed new start. The intention is to create availability for artistic variety and openness to exciting aesthetic proposals responding to the great cravings, challenges and desires that cross contemporary society and to draw a way of exit from the disillusions, repressions and sectarianism of the contemporary art world under the motto: “Live your life fully“. In this way Kuiperdomingos Projects seeks to redefine not only the literal space it is investing but also the transdisciplinary collaboration between the 2 artists.

Founded by Hans Kuiper (Amsterdam) and Tiny Domingos (Berlin), Kuiperdomingos Projects is an interdisciplinary
artist-run initiative known since 2011 for bringing Schlager music and entertainment together with contemporary sculpture and installation art. Fans of popular music, TV culture, modern art & architecture, these 2 former ‚career changers‘ explore the aesthetics of the pop persona through an inclusive modus operandi stressing action and process over perfection and completion. Disrupting with commercial, institutional and political pressures and the highly selective working model of the contemporary art system that often constrains artistic freedom and has a strong tendency to exclude the uninitiated public, KDP puts communication and the ’man / woman on the street’ at the center of their projects in which (neo)Schlager music performances opens the door to emotions and interactions with the visitors, and space-related work is combined with references to the longing to freedom and self-realization and the sorrows in the world of daily labour. KDP works on a self-determined basis and finds its inspiration not only in the attitude and freedom of action of project spaces and artist-run initiatives like Kolonie Wedding (Berlin) but also in the blank space of the project-room itself as a space of projection and intersection of artistic, architectural and performative ideas. A space of freedom without mediation between art works and the public, open to new research processes and errors and based on the will to resist against the ongoing commercialization and financialization of the society and its numerous impacts.

Last shows by Kuiperdomingos Projects:
‚Inside | outside‘, Arti Galerie, Amsterdam 2017; International Display, Kulturpalast Wedding International, Berlin 2016; Project space: ONS #6, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Fermentation Pavillion, Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia, Milan, 2015; TIME DOG, In Theory, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; Dogtime Live, Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam 2014.