November 26 – December 10 2016

Charlotte Warsen (D), Marie van Vollenhoven (NL), André Kruysen (NL), Jeroen Hofhuizen (NL), Raymond Cuijpers (NL)

Guest curator: Raymond Cuijpers

TAOP (The Act of Painting) is an artists collective launched in 2011 by Raymond Cuijpers and Jeroen Hofhuizen. The objective of this international artists collective is to reposition abstract painting in a time when great advances are being made in the area of quantum mechanics and rapid technological developments are having an extreme influence on our collective consciousness. TAOP achieves this by organizing exhibits, discussions, performances and other events throughout the world. Projects in Enschede, Eindhoven, Nagoya, Tokyo and Berlin have already been realized and new projects in Stockholm and Amsterdam are in the preparational phase. Local artists, writers, thinkers, curators and critics are continually sought out for collaboration in the cities where TAOP travels. The line up of the group changes accordingly and each time a new exhibit is created. While staying true to the principles of TAOP: the production process being a visible and integral part of the context of the work as well as the perception of space and the moment.