June 18 - 24 2018

Group exhibition
curated by Monika Dorniak

Elisa Dierson, Monika Dorniak, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Lingji Hon,
Katja Marie Voigt, Valentyn Odnoviun, Felix Stumpf, Çaglar Tahiroglu, Matteo Valerio, Raul Walch

‘The Vivid Unknown’ is part of Philip Glass’s music for the film Naqoyqatsi, which means  ‘life as war’ in the Hopi language. The exhibition reflects on the world in our Anthropocene  era, in which the global market has become the major economic and cultural force on the  planet; control of artificial systems encounters the organic world, itself undergoing extreme  transformations, leading to social disharmony, and new movements. We have transitioned  to hyper-mobile interactions and interweaving in digital space, while the physical  settlements of marginalised groups are constantly disturbed. Past, present and  prospective natural disasters caused by climate change and war force people to leave  home and make precarious escapes into the unknown.

The works use our artistic potential, and establish togetherness in times of dispersion and  separation through interaction, creation, involvement and research.

* * *

Refugee Week Berlin runs in parallel to and shares the aims of Refugee Week UK,  organised by Counterpoints Arts since 1998. The goals are to facilitiate interconnections,  helping refugees to share their experiences with a wider audience and raising awareness  through the arts about topics ignored by the media.

The program of the first Refugee Week Berlin includes an exhibition, performances,  lectures and workshops, and addresses a society in transit that is challenged by  technological, cultural and ecological shifts. The events take place in different sites  throughout the city.   The nonprofit project is co-organised by Christoph Braun (Refugio Berlin) and the artist  Monika Dorniak, with the support of, among others, Counterpoints Arts UK, Refugio Berlin,  project room rosalux, Konsept 83 Design Studio and volunteers.